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Mad River Fiber Arts & Mill is a full service artisan fiber mill We are an artisan fiber mill providing custom processing tailored to your specific needs. With our Belfast Mini Mill equipment we can process from raw fleece to yarn. We also offer felted sheets and core spun yarns. Mad River Fiber Mill's breed specific yarns are spun from ...

Fibers and fiber products for sale come from our farm, Bad Rabbit Farm, where we raise Icelandic sheep, alpacas, Angora goats, and a variety of other livestock. Fire Mountain Fiber mill is an outgrowth of our long-term interest in textiles and other artwork made with animal fibers.

Zeilinger Wool Company located in Michigan provides fiber processing of many fiber types and wool products including socks, yarns, batting and roving for over 100 years.

ALLSTATES TEXTILE MACHINERY is a supplier of used textile equipment and machinery such as yarn manufacturing, dyeing and finishing, waste reclamation, and nonwovens

Fiber Processing Equipment For Sale has 8,185 members. This is a place to list fiber processing equipment for sale. Examples would include pickers,...

Fleeces, Yarns, Rovings, Felting Batts, Washed/Dyed Curls, Pelts, Felted Insoles for Boots/Shoes, Felt Sheets & more! We raise Border Leicester, Coopworth, and Gotland sheep, and sell many wool products! We grow all our own fiber and use local mills for processing whenever possible.

A fiber mini mall, which is a smaller version of an industrial mill, processes a variety of fibers for local or regional farmers looking to convert their fleece into yarn or felt. Via a process of washing, carding, separating, drying and spinning, mini mills create quality material that can be used to create rugs, ...

ALLSTATES TEXTILE MACHINERY is a supplier of used textile equipment and machinery such as yarn manufacturing, dyeing and finishing, waste reclamation, and nonwovens

Battenkill Fibers Carding and Spinning Mill provides value-added, custom carding and spinning services for fiber farms and others; and manufactures yarn and fiber products for wholesale and retail markets. We produce artisan quality natural-colored and dyed yarn using traditional semi-worsted milling machinery. NEW! Video of how we make yarn >>>

Fiber Processing & Fiber Arts Products > Mill Equipment (Sorted in random order) Below are the products within this category offered by our member farms and vendors. Click a product name or picture to view additional information or click the store or farm name to see additional products offered.

Directions to the mill New pricing for processing will apply to all fiber received after April 1, 2019 INTERESTING WOOL FACTS Click for details Sallie's Fen Fibers will be at the Dover's Sunday Farmers Market in Henry Law Park

Round Barn Fiber: We are a full-service, custom fiber processing mill for wool, alpaca, llama, goat, rabbit, and other animal fibers. We produce roving, cloud, batts, pin-drafted sliver, corespun rug yarn, and yarn in a variety of weights and plys.

A family run farm and full service fiber processing mill we offer sales, service, consultation and most importantly full support for as long as you own the animals. We make each experience a top priority to assure our customers get the best. From Fiber Processing and figuring out what would be the best end product for your fiber to show ...

Welcome to Fibre Naturally. We are a specialty fibre-processing mill located at Macclesfield just outside Melbourne in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges. Our aim is to provide the opportunity for alpaca breeders to value add their own fleeces by having them processed to their requirements.

(for highly compressed fibre bales) The bale pre-processing unit loosens compressed fibre bales for the following bale opener unit. Mixing Unit The mixing unit mixes distinct synthetic and/or natural fibres in the needed ratio. Fleece Laying Unit The fleece laying unit puts an even fleece of adjustable thickness onto a backing fabric. Fibre ...

Check often for our wool and fiber processing machinery for sale.

This obviously weakens the fiber. Another downside to the hammer mill is the fact that the hemp is required to ret in the field for around 6 months before it can be processed, as the fresh fiber contains too much sticky resin for the hammer mill process to work. This makes the production of hemp fiber a very costly process, not only due to the ...

Robert T. (Bob) Hughes was the president of BioTech Mills, Inc. (Kenactiv Innovations, Inc.), the previous company that owned the industrial plant. The plant produced natural fiber and other cellulose based products (processing as many 6 tons per hour) for a number of major growth markets.

Still River Fiber Mill is a cottage industry yarn and textile manufacturing facility using Belfast Mini Mills equipment. We can take the raw fiber from your animals and turn it into many different products. Select the links at the left to browse through our fiber processing services.

There is a high demand in the U.S. for American made fiber. To recap how long it takes to build an industrial hemp fiber processing plant these two examples should provide a clear picture that it's not an overnight process. The one company that says it will process 40,000 bales of industrial hemp has already taken 6 years and is still not ...

The Shepherd's Mill creates exquisite alpaca yarns and natural hand woven fabrics from the finest natural fibers in the United States including all animal fiber from Alpaca to Yak.

A & B Fiberworks. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS FIBRE. We are a mill, as well as a supply store for all your spinning, weaving, felting etc supplies.

We welcome your inquiry. For price quotes or more information about how Belfast Mini Mills can provide solutions for your production needs, please send us a message using the form on our website and we will contact you promptly.

Welcome to Stonehedge Fiber Mill. Stonehedge is a 166 year old working farm that has added another dimension to the farm operation. In addition to our fiber shop is our custom fiber processing mill, which opened February 1st, 1999. We will process your fiber into batts, roving or yarn. I have been working with fiber and fiber animals for 30 years.

Any fiber with any signs of wool moths or something of the sort has the right to be removed from the premises and burned as it can be very damaging to a fiber processing mill. While we always do our best to process fibers into what a customer requests, sometimes, the fiber just doesn't cooperate.

Are you searching for a used spinning wheel, hand carders or other fiber processing equipment? Do you have equipment to sell? Visit the Used Equipment Marketplace at Fiber Fusion Northwest! The sale will be ongoing over the course of the weekend.

Touch The West. Nestled at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains along the western plains of Wyoming, Mountain Meadow Wool is a family-operated mill dedicated to supporting local ranchers and raising awareness about ranching culture across the American West.

The Fiber Mill is currently unable to process material and is For Sale. EVERYTHING you need to start your own mill, including Equipment, website, process …

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